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Minnesota Boiler Exam Preparation for all licenses.


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The state must receive your application 15-30 days prior to your testing date.  Download an application from our website by clicking on "licensing" on our home page or following the link below.  The address for where to send it, is in the left hand corner of the application.  It is the student's responsibility to get this boiler license application into the state to ensure taking the test after the exam prep.


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This 2-day seminar was designed with one purpose in mind; to help you pass your boiler operator exam.  Whether you are taking a Minnesota Special License Exam or a Chief "B" exam we will cover what you need to pass the test (this seminar, plus an additional turbine seminar is required for "A" licenses).  The state exam will be given through the Minnesota Department of Labor and Industry on the date that you sign up to take the exam. To apply/sign up for the actual exam follow the link listed above, or go to the  MN Department of Labor and Industry


You are GUARANTEED TO PASS!!  *click here for guarantee details

Although Sprung Services has an extremely high pass rate (even with the new tests) we will allow you to retake the class AT NO CHARGE if you get less than 70% on the state exam.  Sprung Services is the only boiler operations educator in the state offering this type of guarantee.  We also offer classes often, so you won't need to wait forever to take the next class!! 


How qualified are we to teach this class?  Two of the people developing the seminar (and teaching it) are:

Reed Sprung.  Reed has over 25 years of experience in the boiler operations field and currently holds a Minnesota Chief "A" License.  Reed currently supervises the operation and maintenance of many boilers in his capacity as President of Sprung Services, Inc.

Gordy Nordby.  Gordy has been teaching boiler operations and maintenance for approximately 17 years.  Gordy has over 25 years of experience in the field and currently holds a Minnesota Chief "A" License.


Training Outcomes/Program Agenda:

The State will test you on (and the exam prep class covers) the following subjects:

  • Thermodynamics
  • Boiler and System Types
  • Safety Devices
  • Instrumentation and Controls
  • Steam Systems
  • Condensate Systems
  • Feedwater Systems
  • Combustion Theory and Systems 
  • Water Treatment Chemistry
  • Plant Operations
  • Plant Maintenance
  • Code Issues (Minnesota, ASME, NBIC)
  • Numbers and Calculations


 Who should take the course?

  • People entering the boiler operations field who need their first license
  • Operators at any level who need to upgrade their license
  • The program is a good review for operators with any experience level
  • Managers of boiler rooms who need to gain a working knowledge of boiler operations and maintenance.  Make sure you can intelligently discuss boiler room issues with your operations personnel!!
  • Industrial or Facility Maintenance Personnel
  • Contractors involved in servicing boilers
  • Manufacturing Plant Managers
  • Facility Managers
  • Anyone who wants a serious boost for their resume


What this class is:

This class is designed to help you pass your Minnesota boiler exam.  In the highly unlikely event you fail you may attend another class at no charge (state exam application fee still applies). 

Because the tests have been increasing in difficulty, we suggest you study before coming to the seminar.  Some study materials will be provided free of charge.  Other study materials can be purchased here.


What this class is not:

Unfortunately, two days is not enough time to prepare you for your exam while teaching all the fundamentals of boiler operations at the same time.


Recommended study materials for exams.  The exam preparation  seminar will cover the information needed to pass your exam.  However, if you would like additional study materials, we recommend the following books and/or workbooks.  Click on each link to purchase each book.

For special licenses:  Safe Boiler Operations Fundamentals

For 2nd C, 1st C and Chief CLP boilersLP boilers study guide, LP boilers answer key

For 2nd B, 1st B and Chief B: High Pressure Boilers

For 2nd A, 1st A and Chief A:  High Pressure Boilers, Stationary Engineering



Most classes are given at our dedicated New Brighton location.  We occasionally host classes in Duluth or Southern Minnesota. Our classroom was designed to promote a comfortable learning environment. Many visual aids are integrated into our curriculum. Refreshments are always available in the back of the classroom.



Tuition is $275

Tuition includes class, pens, folders and handouts.

Please sign up Online or call (651) 697- 0334 Ext.5


Phone: (651) 697-0334
Fax: (651) 697-0435

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