At Sprung Services we feel the key to quality industrial training is to have the best instructors possible.  The following instructors are currently working with Sprung Services:


Reed Sprung, Minnesota Chief A Boiler Engineer, ASOPE Power Plant Operating Engineer Chief

CEO, Sprung Services, Inc.

  • Reed started out as a Nuclear Plant Operator in the Navy in 1982.  In the civilian world, Reed has operated and managed many large and small plants.
  • Reed has been active in the development of exams for many purposes. These include electrical exams, mechanical aptitude exams and a wide variety of boiler exams.  These exams are used by Sprung Services for screening and other purposes.
  • Reed has operated or managed over 300 boilers during his career. 
  • Reed founded Sprung Services in 1997 after managing a very similar company

Reed works with course development and teaches some of the courses offered by the company.


Gordon Nordby, Minnesota Chief A Boiler Engineer

Instructor, Sprung Services, Inc.

 Gordy has been teaching stationary engineering at MNSCU for over 18 years.

  • Gordy has been a Minnesota Chief "A" Engineer since 1990.
  • Gordy started out in the US Navy.  During his 6 years in the Navy, Gordy completed training and certifications for automatic boiler controls, gauge calibration and vibration analysis.
  • Gordy spent 10 yrs as a Pipefitter/HVAC shop Foreman.
  • Gordy is also an ASE- Master Machinist and an ASE- Mechanic.

Gordy primarily teaches our STS-1 seminars through Pine Technical Community College.  In addition to his in-depth knowledge of boiler operations and maintenance, Gordy offers a tremendous mechanical background and many years of real-world experience!


Robert Hill, Minnesota Chief A Boiler Room Operator
Instructor, Sprung Services Inc.

Bob has over twenty years experience in the boiler operations industry with experience in both military and civilian organizations which include the following: 

  • Boiler Operator at a University
  • Expertise in all HVAC Systems
  • ASE Certified Mechanic
  • SCBA Certified
  • Six year US Navy veteran as a 2nd Class Petty Officer and Reactor Operator & Technician, Throttleman and Electronics Technician.