Why Sprung Services?


When we started Sprung Services Training Department we wanted to make improvements over any other boiler training firm in the Minnesota. Sprung Services will provide the following:

  • Sprung Services is a full-time boiler training venture.  This gives us a measure of dedication that part-time competitors can not match. 
  • Sprung Services offers classes needed to help pass the new, more difficult licensing exams.
  • Sprung Services operates all of our courses in a fast-paced, interesting manner.
  • Sprung Services will provide all needed materials and refreshments.
  • We have a highly trained staff to meet your needs.

Phone: (651) 697-0334
Fax: (651) 697-0435

Sprung Services, Inc.
151 Silver Lake Road
Suite 120
New Brighton, MN 55112