Why Sprung Services?


When we started Sprung Services' training department we wanted to make improvements over any other boiler training firm in the Minnesota. Sprung Services will provide the following:



  • Sprung Services is a full-time boiler training venture.  This gives us a measure of dedication that part-time competitors can not match. 
  • Sprung Services offers classes needed to help pass the new, more difficult licensing exams.
  • Once the current law changes, we may open more offices in the metro area.
  • Sprung Services operates all of our courses in a fast-paced, interesting manner.
  • Sprung Services will provide all needed materials and refreshments.
  • Sprung Services will offer classes during the weekdays, weekends and evenings, so anyone can find time to attend.
  • Sprung Services is much more committed to the web than other boiler training companies in Minnesota.  Our sites include things like message boards, site registration, calendars, etc.  We also offer free email accounts under both the sprungtraining.com and sprungservices.com domains (just go to the home pages to sign up).


  • Sprung Services will also be offering web-based training, including e-learning, podcasts, webinars and web meetings.
  • We have a highly trained staff to meet your needs.
  • Sprung Services will ultimately offer multiple seminars. (maybe 25 or more)

Phone: (651) 697-0334
Fax: (651) 697-0435

Sprung Services, Inc.
151 Silver Lake Road
Suite 120
New Brighton, MN 55112